"Dobby - The House Elf" is a character from "Harry Potter" movies.

I made this game for TriJam-29 (One Button)

 It's a infinite runner game where you can play as Dobby.  This is my very first entry for TriJam. Hope you guys like it and have fun with it.

Use "SPACE BAR" to Jump.


Dobby_Run-Linux_X11.zip 12 MB


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Boring. The graphics, sound, gameplay... none of it's really doing it for me. It's just the same hurdle at the same interval over and over getting incrementally faster each time.

Where's the escalation? The game feel? There's some animation I guess, but it all feels thin somehow.

At least it worked, unlike a lot of other games I've played today.

I will update it as soon as TriJam29 is over. I had very limited 3 hours time to make it from scratch. Hopefully you'll like next update. Thanks for the review thought.

Haha, we made pretty much the exact same thing :)

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Almost Same!!! But Your Colour Choice is Good.